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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the begining of my paper



A. Background of the study

Language is very important in communication. It is used to express one’s needs and desire to convey one’s message in the spoken and written form. We know that each nation from their own language, which is different from others. From this condition we have considered one international language which can be used by people all over the world that is English. It is used to communicate with people from another countries.

English, as we know, has been the first foreign language in Indonesia since several year ago. English is very important in the world because through this language we know the contents of scientific books, news paper, magazine, or song are written in English. English most important for us to learning English.

The main objective of learning English is student should be able to communication English. Student are expected to develop their communication skill that make student costumed to express their thought, ideas, felling, and experience. Thought English text, spoken or written.

English as the second language, vocabulary is so many and take a great position in teaming a language. Vocabulary is an essential component of language so it is so important to find how to master it effectively. There is more attention to master vocabulary even students have devoted much time to vocabulary mastery but the result have been learned. Especially in countries where English is not the main language of communication so students must have a way to get best solution in mastering vocabulary.

Listening to English song as an alternative way in learning vocabulary, Students are given something new and different from they usually get in class. They are not only as the, object of learning process but at so the participants. Listen to English songs will increase student activity that will make students have fun in learning English. If student like to listening English song, they try to memorize the lyrics and song it. Absolutely their vocabulary increased according to how many song that they will listen latter.

B. Reason for choosing the topic

The reasons why the researcher chooses “the correlation between vocabulary mastery and listening English songs a case of S.MA Negeri 1 Batang in the academic years 2008/2009, as topic can be stated as follow :

1. The music can be effectively to learned vocabulary in the class.

2. English song is most popular in the word as we know. Song is the universal language,

3. The researcher wants to make student are interested in studying vocabulary through listening English song. The writer will choose the song that familiar to their car. lie will find the English song with easy word and kind of music is trend now, so the students will be interested in listing to English song

C. Statement of the problem

Based on the background of the study above, this study was totally on finding the answers to these questions :

  1. To what extent is the vocabulary mastery of the second years students in SMA Negeri l Batang.
  2. To what extent is the frequency of listening to English songs of the second year students in SMA N 1 Batang.
  3. Is there any, significant correlation between vocabulary Mastery and listening English songs a case of SMA Negeri 1 Batang.

D. The objective of the study

The objective of the study as follow:

  1. To find out vocabulary mastery of second year students in SMA Negeri 1 Batang.
  2. To know the frequency of listening to English song of the second year student in SMA Negeri 1 Batang.
  3. To find out whether there is significant correlation between vocabulary mastery and listening English songs a case of SMA Negeri I Batang.

E. Significances of the study

The writer hopes that after this study has, been completed, it would give some valves for writer himself; for the teacher, for the students of SMK N 1 Batang and, for the institution.

1. The writer

The writer gets same experiences and knowledge from the research.

2. The teacher

The teacher get some teaching strategies for learning the student from this research.

3. The student from of SMA Negeri 1 Batang

The result of this research is students have to develop their vocabulary with listening the song and they interesting to practice the English song and they, can studied vocabulary from the fun atmosphere by listening the English song.

F. Definition of key terms

Bellow are the definitions on each word of the thesis topic :

1. Correlation

Correlation is the power to affect some body's action, characters or beliefs, especially by providing example for them to follow, winning their administration or making them afraid of the disagree (.Hornby, 1995 : 611).

2. Listening

Listening is an active cognitive process that requires conscious attention to relate sound to meaning (Bromkey, 1992 : 164)

3. Song.

Song is one of the most concentrated expression or felling or ideas in musical form ('The World Book Encyclopedia, 1996: 521).

English song is the most popular in the word. Teacher uses it to attract the student learning English because students is familiar the English song and like to song it.

4. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is (range of) words known for, or used by, a person in a trade, profession and so on (Hornby; 1983 : 959).

5. - Mastery

Mastery means complete control knowledge or great skill (Oxford Pocket Dictionary, 1994 : 766).

- Vocabulary mastery

Vocabulary mastery means the ability of the students to master vocabulary especially word which is show by the result of the students score.

6. The second sears students

The phrase the second years students refer to the students who have been studying in SMA Negeri 1 Batang for two years.

7. SMA Negeri 1 Batang

SMA Negeri l Batang is the institution is which the object of study and where the writer conducts her research. It is located on Jl. Ki Mangunsarkoro No. 8 Batang 51121 telp…..

- The Academic Year of 2008/2009.

The phrase the academic year of 2007/2008 means the duration time for teaching and learning and other academics activities which consist of two semester and has been studied on July 200? and will have completed on June 2008.